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Robb King

Marketing Coordinator, kent state university

"Twilert has allowed us to open direct channels of communication with those who may not have otherwise voiced a concern, opinion or question because of not knowing where to go or who to speak to."

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Gaelle Comte

Co-founder, Wifty

"We’re still tiny - in fact official launch will only take place in a few weeks’ time - but in a week of using Twilert, we have more than doubled our number of Twitter followers."

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Social Media Consultancy

Jonathan Pollinger

Social Media Consultant, Intranet Future

"I find the Geolocation filter in Twilert very useful. My business and that of our members is very much centred around Gloucestershire so it’s great to be able to filter by such a specific location."

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Craig Follett

Co-founder & CEO, Universe

"Being able to find new business leads via Twilert has enhanced our engagement with prospective customers and has allowed us to keep a strong customer service reputation on Twitter"

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