About us

black and white photo of codegent office in london

Twilert is run by Codegent, a small yet brilliant digital agency with offices in London, England and Bangkok, Thailand. As well as producing digital projects for clients, we also have a burgeoning Apps and Software as a Service business, of which Twilert is a part.

Twilert was created as a side project. The first iteration was very, very basic, but did what it said it would. Then, as the service gained traction, we invested more time in making it more scalable. After four years, we had over 70,000 registered accounts and were sending out millions of Twilerts a month.

Then Twitter announced that they were going to change the way they made their data available to 3rd party companies such as us. Effectively, this gave us two stark choices: do nothing and let the service die, or rebuild it to allow it to work with the new Twitter set up.

We chose to rebuild it and took the opportunity to add in some extra features that people had been asking for, such as (near) real-time alerts and a searchable archive of results.

At the same time, we felt that the time was right to start monetizing the service. We’d already invested tens of thousands of dollars in supporting Twilert and were about to do the same again in the rebuild, but we knew that we were producing a solid product built on years’ of experience and millions of interactions with users and that charging a subscription was the only way we could continue to support and develop the service. Plus, we're a business, too - so getting a return was always something we'd discussed, even if it took us four years to do anything about it.

Our ambition is that Twilert will always be a powerful, yet beautifully simple Twitter monitoring tool and a fun and sustainable part of our business – and that we provide excellent value and service to our subscribers. We’re always keen to hear from the people who use Twilert, so please do send your views, gripes, suggestions or praise to us via the Help tab on the side.